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5 Places to Move to in Bristol

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5 places to move to in Bristol

When moving to a city you don’t know all that well, its always tricky to work out where you’ll feel at home. And with the prospect of a 12 month lease or buying a home for the foreseeable future, it can feel like a big decision. Here at Intercity, we are constantly doing removals in Bristol. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best places to move to in Bristol, to help you work out where you’ll fit in.


Clifton is a buzzing neighbourhood right next to the city centre, and it houses an unusual mix of Bristol’s richest residents and thousands of the city’s students. Property prices in this area are high but a rental property is a tad more realistic – for a couple that is – with an average 1 bedroom flat costing roughly £900 per month. Why is it so expensive? Well the area is oozing with stunning Georgian architecture, balcony clad terrace houses wrapping around every corner and views over the city are plentiful. Clifton village boasts trendy cafes, quality shopping, cosy pubs and pockets of green space for a sunny afternoon.

Gloucester Road

Technically Gloucester Road runs through St. Andrew’s, Bishopston and Horfield, but the road itself feels like its own entity. The buzzing high street is a hub of activity and its hard to make a social plan without paying it a visit. Whether you’re looking for a vegan dinner, a hipster hair cut, art supplies, or a big night out, Gloucester Road has it all. As you’d expect the area attracts a lot of young people but the further up you go, the more family homes you’ll find. Average property prices in the Horfield area are roughly £350,000 for a 3 bed house.


Tucked behind Stokes Croft, Montpelier is Bristol’s bohemian neighbourhood. While its not as chic as Clifton, its certainly got the cool-factor. From the moment you step out of Montpelier train station, you are presented with street art that vibrant, complex and leaves you feeling inspired. Picton Street is the area’s main hub of shops, eateries, pubs and pop ups of all shapes and sizes. The area is young, there are plenty of students, and those that live there rarely have reason to leave the area.


Heading south of the river now, Southville is one of Bristol’s most up and coming areas. Until recently the neighbourhood has been largely neglected, but times are uh’changing. Southville is right on the river, making your commute to work a breeze and providing easy access to Wapping Wharf’s food and culture. The area plays host to street art, street parties, and street food including the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade, a window-based walking trail which lights up the entire area, view’s of the famous colourful Bristol houses, North St Fair, Upfest art festival and more. House and rental prices are cheaper and so the area is fast becoming the new place to be.


Close to Templemeads Train Station, Totterdown has a warm, community feel that other areas don’t. Thriving local businesses, award-winning cafes and houses the colour of the rainbow, this area is well worth considering. Like most of Bristol, the area is hilly, and Totterdown has Britain’s steepest residential street – but with that comes some spectacular views. At the top of any hill you can see city views, Clifton Suspension brigde and lots of greenery. Rental prices are getting even more affordable here, with a 2 bed house costing around £1100 per month.