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How To Ethically Declutter Before Moving House or Office in Cardiff

How To Ethically Declutter Before Moving House Or Office In Cardiff

Moving house or office can be a wasteful process as it typically sparks a major decluttering. Luckily, we are a removal company in Cardiff, so we know how to declutter in the area. The act of packing up all your household items forces you to assess what you plan to take with you, and what could do with going in the bin. With climate change being such a hot topic, here are our top suggestions for where to dispose of the items you don’t plan to take with you, in an eco-friendly way.

Recreate – Old scrap materials

Recreate are best known for their wild and wonderful Scrapstore. Their mission is to lead as a sustainable organisation in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, to provide children with opportunities and facilities for play, and to support local volunteers. How does this affect you? They take a wide variety of household materials that can be reused with a bit of imagination. This includes paper & card, cloth & materials, dated promotional items, wires, packaging materials, plastic bottles and much more. If you’re going to throw it away give them a ring first and see if they can take it off your hands for a good cause.

Details can be found here:

NuLife – Furniture

NuLife is a not-for-profit organisation that both repairs and upcycles unwanted furniture. They have helped more than 300 people in social housing and supported accommodation to furnish their homes, while saving 10 tonnes worth of waste from going to landfill. Donate your unwanted furniture and see it take on a new life as the team at NuLife repair and revamp it. They take fridge freezers, electric overs, sofas, wardrobes, dining tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, washing machines and shelving, to name a few.

Get in touch here:

The British Heart Foundation – Furniture

The British Heart Foundation on Crwys Road in Cardiff provides a free furniture collection service for your unwanted furniture that is still of good quality. Simply book a collection on the website or take your items in and wave goodbye to the pieces that won’t be moving with you. They accept a wide variety of furniture and home appliances including from sofas and tables to TVs and dishwashers. Your donation will raise funds for their life saving research, and will rescue another piece of furniture from going to landfill.

Book your collection here:

Track 2000

Track 2000 is a charity based in Cardiff and Barry, initiated in an effort to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, and to provide support and training to individuals on low income or benefits. They accept a wide range of furniture including beds, mirrors, pianos, coffee tables, cookers, tumble dryers and more. For a donation, Track 2000 with collect your furniture in all areas of Cardiff and some parts of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Find out more here:

WeeeCharity – Ewaste

While not based in Cardiff, WeeeCharity operates by post and specialises in recycling electronics of any condition. Head to the website to get a prepaid postage label for your items and they’ll be given a new life. They accept everything electronic from IT equipment and household appliances to sports and music equipment. They also provide a data wiping service if needed.

Find a full list of what you can recycle here:

H&M – Clothing and textiles

H&M is one of the leading high street retailers to take sustainable initiatives with both their clothing, in the form of the Conscious Collection, and in encouraging their customers to take action, in the form of their recycling collection bins. Your preloved clothing, bedding, towels etc will be recycled and reused by H&M. Simply take a bag of textiles into your nearest H&M store and drop it into one of their recycling bins which are typically situated next to the counter. Let a member of staff know that you’ve dropped a bag off and in return you’ll receive a discount voucher to spend in store – win win!

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So, there’s no excuse now to take anything to the tip – but if you really must Cardiff City Council has some great recycling facilities at their waste recycling centres. Best of luck with decluttering before your big move.